I have a blog?

One thing I have learned over the last year is that I need to willing to be seen by people. I need to expose who I am so that I can connect with people. Through photography, I have been able to do that and it has been thrilling (and exhausting). I have been growing as a person and it's a lot less scary. I am going to start writing here to share what I am doing as a photographer and as a person. So... here goes:

One thing I have struggled with in my life is to start something without knowing what it will look like in the end. A leap of faith with even the most trivial things meant that I didn't do it at all. I didn't need to know what the path looked like (I could improvise) or if there would be unseen obstacles (I'd figure it out), but I needed to know what the end would be. Open-ended commitments like a photography business or a blog terrified me. I dove in to photography after growing as a hobbyist and it's been so much fun. I have become much more of an extrovert and feel a connection to people that I never had before. I make small talk, I help others, I don't feel like I'm a burden on others... It's been strange to find out that I was hiding so much that would make me happier in life. 

Anyway... This is me taking another step into an unknown. I don't know what this blog will have in it, but I expect I will share personal things as well as talk about where my head is at from a photography standpoint. Probably other things too. That's ok.