A bit about me

I am a Minneapolis-based photographer who started as an amateur photographer in 2010. I bought a DSLR and I used it initially for vacations, family moments, and to take pictures to put up at home.  It wasn’t used much except for trips here or there. When I was home, I’d pick up my camera every couple of months and start shooting again. Over the years, I realized that I had quite a large collection of pictures that were sitting idle and only enjoyed by me. I showed them to friends, got positive feedback for the eye I developed. The encouragement made me decide to do more.

I decided to commit as a photographer in August 2017. I made an upgrade in gear and set out a plan to start going to art fairs with my photos. It has been a crazy year.


Traveling has become a bit of an obsession lately and I think I’m trying the edge of the Earth. My favorite pieces usually evoke melancholy… beautiful, lonely places that feel like the edge of the Earth. One of the biggest things I love about travel is that everything is new. I am always caught in the moment as I explore a new place.


I consciously try to force myself into the same mindset when I am shoot close to home. When I take a shot of a familiar sight I hope anyone that looks at it will not immediately recognize it as familiar.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see.